Portals & Collaboration

Maximize the Power of Your Organization

With our portals and collaboration solutions, we identify areas within your organization where technology can foster communication, knowledge sharing, and teamwork. We understand that maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace is increasingly dependent on an organization’s ability to communicate internally and externally with customers, partners, and suppliers. Let our Portals and Collaboration practice enable your organization to maximize the power of its people.

Our Collaboration Solutions cover:

  • Implementing intranet portals to facilitate the exchange of information within and between departments.
  • Implementing extranet portals to facilitate the exchange of information with customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Developing integrated processes for collaboration and content management
  • Creating an online idea/knowledge exchange with your customers, constituents, and/or employees

Our Focus on Systems Integration

At CAN Softtech we do not build solutions in a vacuum, and we always strive to deliver solutions that maximize our clients’ ROI in existing infrastructure. We focus on enhancing communication with your existing platform, and realize that how an organization’s technology communicates is just as powerful as how its people communicate.